VATS and RATS Lobectomy up to date: Clinical and Experimental Evidences

Posted On 2017-12-11 14:50:54

This issue, guest edited by Dr. Roberto Crisci, Reinhold Perkmann, Francesco Zaraca, covers all the speeches presented at the International Meeting held in Bolzano from 9th to 10th November 2017. The aim of the special meeting/issue is to present and to publish local experiences, based on clinical or experimental studies of different centers performing VATS and RATS lobectomy in order to update the international literature on this topic and share different international experiences on diagnosis and treatment of NSCLC.

VATS and RATS lobectomy up to date: clinical and experimental evidences
Roberto Crisci, Reinhold Perkmann, Francesco Zaraca

Original Article on Thoracic Surgery 
Predictors of unexpected nodal upstaging in patients with cT1-3N0 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) submitted to thoracoscopic lobectomy
Giuseppe Marulli, Enrico Verderi, Giovanni M. Comacchio, Nicola Monaci, Giuseppe Natale, Samuele Nicotra, Federico Rea

Application of the coaxial smart drain in patients with a large air leak following anatomic lung resection: a prospective multicenter phase II analysis of efficacy and safety
Francesco Guerrera, Pier Luigi Filosso, Cecilia Pompili, Stefania Olivetti, Matteo Roffinella, Andrea Imperatori, Alessandro Brunelli

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy using “the caudal approach”: results and evolution
Giampiero Dolci, Alessio Campisi, Domenica Giunta, Stefano Congiu, Niccolò Daddi, Giacomo Murana, Andrea Dell’Amore

Treatment of pulmonary nodule: from VATS to RATS
Federico Davini, Sara Ricciardi, Carmelina Cristina Zirafa, Ilenia Cavaliere, Gaetano Romano, Franca Melfi

Review Article on Thoracic Surgery  
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: a patient centered process
Marco Taurchini, Carlo Del Naja, Antonio Tancredi

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) and fast-track in video- assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) lobectomy: preoperative optimisation and care-plans
Antonio D’Andrilli, Erino A. Rendina

Can a standardised Ventilation Mechanical Test for quantitative intraoperative air leak grading reduce the length of hospital stay after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy?
Francesco Zaraca, Maurizio Vaccarili, Gino Zaccagna, Pio Maniscalco, Giampiero Dolci, Birgit Feil, Reinhold Perkmann, Luca Bertolaccini, Roberto Crisci

Brief Report on Thoracic Surgery
The Very Experienced Time-honoUred Surgeons (VETUS) project
Luca Bertolaccini, Piergiorgio Solli, Roberto Crisci, Gaetano Rocco

Anesthesia and analgesia: how does the role of anesthetists changes in the ERAS program for VATS lobectomy
Riccardo Ragazzi, Federico Piccioni

Uniportal non-intubated thoracic surgery
Benedetta Bedetti, Davide Patrini, Luca Bertolaccini, Roberto Crisci, Piergiorgio Solli, Joachim Schmidt, Marco Scarci

Small incisions, major complications: video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery management of intraoperative complications
William Grossi, Gianluca Masullo, Francesco Londero, Angelo Morelli

Surgical Technique on Thoracic Surgery
Hybrid treatment of T3 chest wall lung cancer lobectomy
Massimo Osvaldo Jaus, Annarita Forcione, Alessandro Gonfiotti, Francesco Carleo, Alessia Raffaella De Massimi, Luigi Carbone, Marco Di Martino, Giuseppe Cardillo

Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) sleeve resections for non-small cell lung cancer patients: an observational prospective study and technique analysis
Aris Koryllos, Erich Stoelben

Minimal-invasive thoracic surgery in pediatric patients
Christian Kugler

Intraoperative complications during VATS lobectomies from conversion to minimally-invasive “trouble-shooting”
Paolo Lucciarini, Florian Augustin, Herbert Thomas Maier, Francesco Zaraca, Thomas Schmid

Uniportal video-assisted thoracic lung segmentectomy with near infrared/indocyanine green intersegmental plane identification
Elisa Meacci, Dania Nachira, Maria Teresa Congedo, Marco Chiappetta, Leonardo Petracca Ciavarella, Stefano Margaritora

Lymphadenectomy during thoracoscopy: techniques and efficacy
Carlo Curcio, Dario Amore

Perspective on Thoracic Surgery 
Thoracoscopic lobectomy after induction therapy—a paradigm shift?
Sameer A. Hirji, Asishana Osho, Stafford S. Balderson, Thomas A. D’Amico

Uniportal lobectomy and segmentectomy—is it for all?
Sameer A. Hirji, Stafford S. Balderson, Thomas A. D’Amico

Viewpoint on Thoracic Surgery
From RATS to VATS: why we did choose this way
Thomas Schmid, Florian Augustin

From “open” to robotic assisted thoracic surgery: why RATS and not VATS?
Sara Ricciardi, Federico Davini, Carmelina Cristina Zirafa, Franca Melfi