Video 1 Preoperative computed tomographic angiography demonstrated extensive aortic pathology.
Video 2 Contrast-enhanced computed tomography revealed an extensive aortic pathology including annuloaortic ectasia measuring 54 mm, a dilated aorta of the distal aortic arch, measuring 61 mm, and a dilated thoracoabdominal aorta (Crawford type IV), measuring 45 mm.
Video 3 3D-reconstruction taken on POD 8 demonstrated rapid expansion of the descending aorta.
Video 4 Axial CT taken on POD 8 revealed pericardial effusion as well.
Video 5 Intraoperative aortography at the second operation demonstrated turbulent and accelerated flow through the narrowed area on the aortic arch.
Video 6 Postprocedural aortography demonstrated no endoleak after the completion of the emergent thoracic endovascular aortic repair.
Video 7 3D-reconstruction after an additional thoracic endovascular aortic repair.
Video 8 Axial CT after the thoracic endovascular aortic repair demonstrated no endoleak.

Authors: Tatsuya Nakao, Shoichi Tsuda, Nao Kume, Yuki Ikegaya, Yosuke Kitanaka