Strategic Partnership Agreement between AME Publishing Company and Italian Society of Thoracic Surgery (SICT) is signed!

Published: 2017-04-18

In this wonderful season of Spring, we would like to share with you an exciting good news—the agreement of strategic partnership between AME Publishing Company and Italian Society of Thoracic Surgery (SICT) is officially confirmed and signed!

The partnership with SICT is another big move of AME made in the thoracic surgery field. With this new progress and endeavor of both sides, we believe a bright and better future will be brought to our surgeons and more importantly, patients all around the world!

Preluding this cooperation, a focused issue, guest edited by Prof. Roberto Crisci and Dr. Luca Bertolaccini, on Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery in Italy: State of the Art is ongoing and will be published in the Journal of Visualized Surgery ( Let’s looking forward to its coming out!

Introduction of AME Publishing Company

Established in July 2009, AME Publishing Company has been focusing on publishing medical journals and books, as well as establishing an integrated academic platform. AME stands for “Academic Made Easy, Excellent and Enthusiastic”.

AME Publishing Company has an integrated publishing system featuring a professional and highly efficient editorial team. By far, AME has launched more than 40 international peer-reviewed, open access English language journals covering different fields of Medicine including oncology, pulmonology, cardiothoracic disease, andrology and urology etc., with 2 journals indexed in SCIE and 16 indexed in PubMed. Several series of English/Chinese medical books have been published, including featured series “AME Academic Time”, “AME Medical Review”, “AME Surgical Time”, “Meet the Professors” etc. AME has published more than 20 English Language books, over 30 Chinese Language books and over 60 e-books. As an international publisher, AME has organized more than 100 medical conferences for academic exchanges and communications.

Currently, AME has offices located in Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, San Francisco and the upcoming offices will be in Sydney and Boston.

For more information about AME and AME journals, please visit website,

Introduction of Italian Society of Thoracic Surgery

Italian Society of Thoracic Surgery (SICT; was founded in 1948 by the three leading fathers of the Italian thoracic surgery. It is the main thoracic society in Italy. Inside SICT, some groups work with oriented projects (e.g. VATS Group, Metastasis group, rare tumors of the lung group). The Association is based in Rome.

The main aims of SICT are:

  • Promote studies and scientific research in the field of thoracic surgery, training of medical specialists in Thoracic Surgery; programming in health and the quality control in the field of thoracic diseases;
  • Promote research on thoracic diseases subject to surgical therapy;
  • Join the national thoracic surgeons and specialists of related disciplines to the thoracic surgery specialties;
  • Control the development and promote the coordination of thoracic surgery in national structures intervening at all institutional levels of health planning and performance review;
  • Support the teaching, training, science and research in all aspects of Thoracic Surgery at national and international level;
  • Define and standardise the clinical and operational standards and guidelines of the Thoracic Surgery specialities even with the use of computer systems and the construction of a data store.
  • Ordinary members are those who signed the memorandum and those who - upon their request - are allowed with this qualification by the Board. They must submit a written request to the Executive Council on the statement to share the goals that the Association aims and commitment to abide by the Statutes and Regulations. A member and admission must sign the application approved by the Executive Council and the Assembly.

    Members are the whole thoracic surgery community in Italy from university and community hospitals (

    The scientific activity of SICT is related to the coordination of events about thoracic surgery in Italy (