Hiroyuki Oizumi, MD, PhD

Department of Cardiovascular, Thoracic and Pediatric Surgery (Second Department of Surgery), Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine, Yamagata, Japan

Dr. Hiroyuki Oizumi graduated Yamagata University (Yamagata, Japan) in 1983, receiving his Ph.D. degree in 1992. He received training in general surgery, cardiovascular surgery and thoracic surgery at Yamagata University Hospital and it’s affiliated hospitals. 

Currently he is the associate professor of the Department of Cardiovascular, Thoracic and Pediatric of Surgery (The Second Department of Surgery) in Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine, the professor of the Division of General Thoracic Surgery in Yamagata University Hospital and the vice-chairman of the Endoscopic Surgery Center working at Yamagata University Hospital. 

He initiated VATS lobectomies since 1994 but the candidates were limited. Since 2002 he gradually increased the number of VATS lobectomy or segmentectomy after the improvement of imaging technology about endoscopic surgery. Since 2004 his VATS lobectomy or segmentectomy evolved into the port access thoracoscopic procedure.  

He enabled the thoracoscopic anatomical segmentectomy procedure to apply all segments including the lateral basal segment of the lower lob; that is the most difficult part for thoracoscopic maneuver. Also he developed a posterior approach for anatomical resections of the posterior basal segmentectomies and introduced a method into pediatric anatomical lung segmentectomies. Therefore he is the pioneer surgeon in the world performing thoracoscopic anatomical segmentectomies and he has published several papers describing this procedure and the results in the most important medical journals of thoracic surgery. 

Terms of Appointment: Aug 2015 - Jul 2017