Zhifen Chen, MD, PhD

Department of Colorectal Surgery, Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Dr. Zhifen Chen is a graduate of Fujian Medical University (MD, PhD). He received training in Oncological Surgery and Colorectal Surgery at Fujian Medical University Union Hospital. After graduating with an oncological surgery master degree from Fujian Medical University in 2008, he joined the faculty at Fujian Medical University Union Hospital and worked as an Oncological Surgeon for 2 years in the Department of Oncological Surgery. Later, he joined the Department of Colorectal Surgery and learned laparoscopic colorectal surgery with Prof. Pan Chi, and he has been a Colorectal Surgeon for 6 years. He has been involved in the laparoscopic colorectal surgery of about 1,200 cases. In 2016, he graduated with a PhD degree of Colorectal Surgery. He is an attending doctor now. Dr. Zhifen Chen concentrates on laparoscopic surgery for colorectal disease, especially for colorectal cancer. He has published one textbook (“Laparoscopic Operations for Colorectal Neoplasms”, 2013) about laparoscopic colorectal surgery as a vice chief editor in People’s Medical Publishing House, Beijing, China. He is also very active in clinical and basic researches in colorectal cancer field and has published more than 40 academic articles in civil and international journals as the first author or co-author.

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2016 - Jun 2018