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Dynamic retraction: a novel technique for robot-assisted simple prostatectomy

	author = {Syed Johar Raza and Allison Marie May and Shanoon Theresa Moore and Zachary Adam Hamilton},
	title = {Dynamic retraction: a novel technique for robot-assisted simple prostatectomy},
	journal = {The Journal of Visualized Surgery},
	volume = {4},
	number = {0},
	year = {2018},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Open simple prostatectomy is the mainstay treatment for obstructive urinary symptoms due to benign prostate enlargement, failing medical and/or transurethral resection therapies. Due to widespread utilization of robot-assisted techniques for radical prostatectomy, robot-assisted simple prostatectomy (RASP) has gained similar popularity. Availability of dual console on newer robotic platforms has improved the ability to engage the 4th arm, providing dynamic use during the operation. In this case report we describe the use of dynamic retraction for a 59-year-old male who underwent RASP.},
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