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Robotic resection of a middle mediastinal mass

	author = {Marco Nardini and Joel Dunning and Marcello Migliore and Robert J. Cerfolio},
	title = {Robotic resection of a middle mediastinal mass},
	journal = {The Journal of Visualized Surgery},
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	year = {2018},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Aorto-pulmonary paraganglioma is an exceptionally rare condition, and its diagnosis and treatment are a challenge for the general thoracic surgeon. We describe the case of a 35 years old man who was incidentally diagnosed with a visceral mediastinal mass, deeply encased in the aorto-pulmonary window. To our knowledge this is the first case of its kind to be successfully treated with the adoption of a minimally invasive technique. We conclude that the dissection was made easier by the robotic instrumentation and by the camera system, and a minimally invasive approach would have been more difficult by traditional thoracoscopy.},
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