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Robotic distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy: rationale and technical considerations

	author = {Nelson A. Royall and R. Matthew Walsh},
	title = {Robotic distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy: rationale and technical considerations},
	journal = {The Journal of Visualized Surgery},
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	year = {2017},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Minimally invasive distal pancreatectomy has had significant adoption in the United States over the past decade. Robotic distal pancreatectomy is a type of minimally invasive technique which affords greater dexterity and visualization compared to traditional laparoscopy. In addition to standard distal pancreatectomy procedures with or without splenectomy, the use of robotic surgical systems has been efficacious in performing more complex techniques such as radical antegrade modular pancreatosplenectomy (RAMPS) or spleen-preservation. There are important technical considerations to performing robotic distal pancreatectomy procedures which differ from other minimally invasive approaches. The purpose of this report is to describe the rationale and technical considerations for implementation of robotic distal pancreatectomy procedures in clinical practice.},
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