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First uniportal video assisted thoracic surgery masterclass in Ecuador

	author = {John Barba-Pacheco and Gutenberg Navarro and Diego Gonzalez-Rivas and Fernando Polit and Pamela Wong and Fabrizio Nieto and Manuel Romero and Jaime Carrera and Jonathan Villacis and Martha J. Zambrano and Karina Bravo and Renee Velastegui and Freddy Rodríguez and Manuel Reyes and Silvia Cullacay and Ramiex Cercado and Sara Salvatierra},
	title = {First uniportal video assisted thoracic surgery masterclass in Ecuador},
	journal = {Journal of Visualized Surgery},
	volume = {3},
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	year = {2017},
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	abstract = {Currently video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and the evolution Uniportal VATS have a worldwide acceptance and Ecuador is not exception when we decided invited to Dr. Diego Gonzalez-Rivas pioneer surgeon in the world of single-port video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures, with the aim to provide a faster recovery of the patients compared to those who received a conventional thoracotomy. We thanks the opportunity to present a report to the first Masterclass in Uniportal VATS with live surgery, performed on February 23rd to 24th of 2017 at the Luis Vernaza Hospital in Guayaquil-Ecuador. In addition to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the uniportal VATS technique we presented a video of uniportal VATS left lower lobectomy performed by Dr. Diego Gonzalez-Rivas during the first uniportal masterclass in Guayaquil, Ecuador.},
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