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Bipolar sealing devices in video-assisted thoracic surgery

	author = {Filippo Longo and Pierfilippo Crucitti and Fabio Quintarelli and Raffaele Rocco and Giuseppe Mangiameli and Gaetano Rocco},
	title = {Bipolar sealing devices in video-assisted thoracic surgery},
	journal = {The Journal of Visualized Surgery},
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	abstract = {Intraoperative bleeding is one of the main severe complications in complete video-assisted thoracic surgery (c-VATS) and post-operative air-leaks prevention still represents an important challenge. Usually, hemostasis is often difficult and unsafe when the VATS approach is performed and the potential role of bipolar sealing devices is still undefined, as proven by limited experiences reported in the literature. By introducing endostaplers in VATS surgery, it was possible to perform safe thoracoscopic resections of lung. On the other hand, several diathermy techniques have been proposed to reduce intraoperative blood loss in surgery. In particular, standard bipolar technology has proven to effect coagulation in small vessels. The aim of this study is to compare bipolar electro thermal devices to endostapler in VATS lung resections concerning intraoperative bleeding and post-operative air leaks.},
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