VATS Segmentectomy

Posted On 2017-07-11 16:56:01

This issue on “VATS Segmentectomy”, guest edited by Dr. Hiroyuki Oizumi, is to provide precise understanding of anatomy, planning of resection and surgical techniques for lung segmentectomy to thoracic surgeons all around the world. We hope it will be beneficial to the safety and spread of this procedure. The issue attempts to increase the knowledge of the readers in a comprehensive and contemporary way for the technique of VATS Segmentectomy, which we hope will also be conducive to patients as well as the growth of young surgeons. Here we would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you for contributing to this issue.

The time for VATS segmentectomy has come
Hiroyuki Oizumi

Original Article on Thoracic Surgery
Swine model for training surgeons in minimally invasive anatomic lung segmentectomy
Hiroyuki Oizumi, Hirohisa Kato, Makoto Endoh, Jun Suzuki, Hikaru Watarai, Akira Hamada, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Kenta Nakahashi, Mitsuaki Sadahiro

Indocyanine green fluorescence-navigated thoracoscopic anatomical segmentectomy
Mingyon Mun, Sakae Okumura, Masayuki Nakao, Yosuke Matsuura, Ken Nakagawa

Review Article on Thoracic Surgery
Anatomic thoracoscopic segmentectomy for early-stage lung cancer
Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, Zachary W. Fitch, S. Scott Balderson, John Z. Deng, Thomas A. D’Amico

Robotic-assisted pulmonary segmentectomies
Pierluigi Novellis, Edoardo Bottoni, Marco Alloisio, Frank O. Velez-Cubian, Eric M. Toloza, Giulia Veronesi 

3D-CT anatomy for VATS segmentectomy
Kimihiro Shimizu, Seshiru Nakazawa, Toshiteru Nagashima, Hiroyuki Kuwano, Akira Mogi

Case Report on Thoracic Surgery
Planning video-assisted thoracic surgery segmentectomy using three dimensional computed tomography angiography and bronchography with a virtual safety margin
Shingo Iwano

Perspective on Thoracic Surgery
How to demarcate intersegmental plane with resected-segments inflation method using the slip knot technique in thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy
Makoto Endoh, Hiroyuki Oizumi, Hirohisa Kato, Jun Suzuki, Hikaru Watarai, Akira Hamada, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Satoshi Shiono

Video-assisted thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy for small-sized pulmonary nodules
Hirohisa Kato, Hiroyuki Oizumi, Jun Suzuki, Akira Hamada, Hikaru Watarai, Kenta Nakahashi, Mitsuaki Sadahiro