Subxiphoid Surgery

Posted On 2016-06-29 15:07:12

The special issue, guest edited by Dr. Giuseppe Aresu, provides a summary of different procedures carried out using the subxiphoid approach. Furthermore we have given space to hot topics in this field like lymphadenectomy, bilateral procedures and a learning curve.

Some of the best world experts in this technique have been involved in this JOVS edition, we hope that their experience and their futuristic vision will help to spread subxiphoid VATS all over the thoracic surgery community making our work less invasive and less painful for our patients.

Subxiphoid approach, a new prospective to see the minimally invasive thoracic surgery
Giuseppe Aresu 

Original Article on Subxiphoid Surgery    
The Zakopane Pulmonary Hospital experience on subxiphoid thymectomy
Marcin Zieliński, Mariusz Rybak, Katarzyna Solarczyk-Bombik, Michal Wilkojc, Wojciech Czajkowski, Sylweriusz Kosinski, Edward Fryzlewicz, Tomasz Nabialek, Malgorzata Szolkowska, Juliusz Pankowski

The Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital uniportal subxiphoid approach for lung segmentectomies
Giuseppe Aresu, Helen Weaver, Liang Wu, Lei Lin, Gening Jiang, Lei Jiang

Learning curve and subxiphoid lung resections most common technical issues
Luis Angel Hernandez-Arenas, William Guido, Lei Jiang 

Subxiphoid single-port video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
Chia-Chuan Liu, Chih-Shiun Shih, Yun-Hen Liu, Chih-Tao Cheng, Enrico Melis, Zhen-Ying Liu 

Uniportal subxiphoid video-assisted thoracoscopic approach for thymectomy: a case series
Helen Weaver, Jason M. Ali, Lei Jiang, Chenlu Yang, Liang Wu, Gening Jiang, Giuseppe Aresu

Review Article on Subxiphoid Surgery    
Robotic subxiphoid thymectomy
Takashi Suda 

Uniportal subxiphoid video-assisted thoracoscopic thymectomy
Takashi Suda 

The Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital subxiphoid approach for lobectomies
Giuseppe Aresu, Liang Wu, Lei Lin, Gening Jiang, Lei Jiang 

Case Report on Subxiphoid Surgery   
Uniportal subxiphoid video-assisted thoracoscopic bilateral segmentectomy for synchronous bilateral lung adenocarcinomas
Giuseppe Aresu, Helen Weaver, Liang Wu, Lei Lin, Sandro Sponga, Gening Jiang, Lei Jiang

Subxiphoid uniportal lobectomy
Mohamed M. Moneer ElSaegh, Nur Aziah Ismail, Mohamed I. Mydin, Marco Nardini, Joel Dunning

Subxiphoid single incision thoracoscopic surgery approach for thymectomy: a case report
Jay Karunanantham, Matthew Fok, Jason M. Ali, Adam Peryt, Aman Coonar, Giuseppe Aresu

Subxiphoid approach for spontaneous bilateral pneumothorax: a case report
Matthew Fok, Jay Karunanantham, Jason M. Ali, Serena Concina, Shruti Jayakumar, Adam Peryt, Aman Coonar, Giuseppe Aresu

Brief Report on Subxiphoid Surgery    
Video-assisted thoracoscopic extended thymectomy using the subxiphoid approach
Hao Chen, Guobing Xu, Wei Zheng, Chun Chen

Subxiphoid mediastinal lymphadenectomy
William Guido Guerrero, Luis Angel Hernandez Arenas, Gening Jiang, Yang Yang, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Lei Jiang