Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery

Posted On 2019-01-24 16:54:58

This issue, Guest edited by Dr. Peyman Sardari Nia, aims to give comprehensive insight into all the aspect of minimally invasive mitral valve surgery that are important for surgical team to know for implementing the procedure at their home institute.

Original Article on Cardiac Surgery 
Anaesthesiologic considerations in the minimally invasive setting
Marcel de Korte, Wolfgang Buhre

Minimally invasive approach for double and triple valve surgery
Antonio Lio, Antonio Miceli, Matteo Ferrarini, Mattia Glauber

Complications and pitfalls in minimally invasive atrioventricular valve surgery utilizing endo-aortic balloon occlusion technology
Johan van der Merwe, Frank Van Praet, Yvette Vermeulen, Filip Casselman
Review Article on Cardiac Surgery 
Perfusion techniques in minimally invasive setting
Yuri Ganushchak, Peyman Sardari Nia

Perspective on Cardiac Surgery 
Planning minimally invasive mitral valve surgery
Samuel Heuts, Jules R. Olsthoorn, Jos G. Maessen, Peyman Sardari Nia

Case Report on Cardiac Surgery
Antegrade type A aortic dissection under endoscopic vision during minimally invasive mitral valve repair: a case report
Sem M. M. Hermans, Samuel Heuts, Jules R. Olsthoorn, Peyman Sardari Nia

Surgical Technique on Cardiac Surgery
Indications and contra-indications for minimally invasive mitral valve surgery
Ludwig Müller, Daniel Höfer, Johannes Holfeld, Herbert Hangler, Nikolaos Bonaros, Michael Grimm

Surgical Technique on Thoracic Surgery
Percutaneous and open cannulation for peripheral cardiopulmonary bypass: pearls and pitfalls
Alexander P. Nissen, Juan Abreu, Vahram Ornekian, Stephanie Nguyen, Tom C. Nguyen

Viewpoint on Cardiac Surgery 
Cardioplegia in minimally invasive cardiac surgery: time to go
Wan Kee Kim, Joon Bum Kim, Jae Won Lee

More are coming......