Focused Issue on Chest Wall Traumas

Posted On 2019-06-18 14:53:35

This focused issue on “Chest Wall Traumas” is edited by Dr. Marco Scarci, from Division of Thoracic Surgery, Ospedale San Gerardo Monza, Italy, and Dr. Fabrizio Minervini, from Thoracic Surgery, Luzerner Kantonsspital, Lucerne.

Dr. Scarci undertook his specialist training in Italy, Malta, Essex Cardiothoracic Centre and Guy's and St Thomas. Dr. Scarci’s practice is in pure thoracic surgery. He works closely with a large team including other surgeons, specialist nurses, radiologists and physicians to provide together with them the best outcome for patients. His key focus is minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Minervini graduated from School of Medicine at the University of Palermo in 2006. Immediately after, he started his surgical training in Switzerland and obtained the board certification in general surgery (2015) and thoracic surgery (2019). He spent 1 year at the Medical University Hannover in Germany and 6 months at McMaster University in Canada for a fellowship in minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Minervini has always been interested in experimental and clinical research, therefore in 2010, after three years of experimental studies on the regeneration of cardiac tissues after stem cells transplantation, he completed a PhD program. Dr. Minervini is a member of European Society of Thoracic Surgeon (ESTS), European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS), International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) and Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgeon (SGT). He was awarded for his research with the prize "People Choice Award" in Montreal (2019) and "Best clinical presentation" in Bern (2019).

Chest wall trauma: a true challenge for thoracic surgeons
Fabrizio Minervini, Marco Scarci

Review Article
The role of a multidisciplinary team in chest wall trauma management
Davide Patrini, David Lawrence, Savvas Lampridis, Fabrizio Minervini, Lorenzo Giorgi, Roberto Palermo, Martin Hayward, Marco Scarci, Joachim Schmidt, Benedetta Bedetti

Diagnostic imaging pathways in the setting of acute chest wall trauma
Carlos Galvez, Juan Arenas-Jimenez, Jone Del Campo, Sergio Maroto, Marina Sirera, Francisco Lirio

Surgical management of rib fractures in chest wall trauma
Fabrizio Minervini, Peter B. Kestenholz, Pietro Bertoglio, Marco Scarci, Gregor J. Kocher

Surgical fixation of rib fractures: how I do it
Gregor J. Kocher, Mohammad Al-Hurani, Fabrizio Minervini

Pediatric chest trauma: a unique challenge
Fabrizio Minervini, Marco Scarci, Gregor J. Kocher, Peter B. Kestenholz, Pietro Bertoglio

Chest wall pain management after chest wall trauma
Federica Lovisari, Martina Favarato, Ilaria Giovannini, Riccardo Giudici, Roberto Fumagalli

Penetrating chest trauma
Dominique Lisa Birrer, Sorin Edu, Andrew Nicol, Valentin Neuhaus