Advancement in Robotic Assisted Thoracic Surgery (Ongoing)

Posted On 2019-08-06 01:06:01

This focused issue on “Advancement in Robotic Assisted Thoracic Surgery” is edited by Dr. Jean-Marc Baste, from Surgical Department of General and Thoracic Surgery, Rouen University Hospital, Rouen, France.

Dr. Baste was involved in Minimal Thoracic Surgery and since 2011 he and his department have developed active pedagogic sessions on VATS and RATS resection from simple to complex procedures. His expertise includes General Thoracic surgery, VATS lobectomy, Thoracoscopic Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Extensive Chest Resection for Lung Carcinoma, Lung Transplantation and research in Ischemia-Reperfusion Lesions and its Prevention.

Focused issue outline:

  1. Preface
  2. Multi-images assisted surgery for robotic segmentectomies
  3. Thymectomy for thymoma
  4. Robotic LVRS with ICG
  5. S8 with ICG
  6. Robotic training on sleeve lobectomy Wet Lab
  7. Double right segmentectomies S1 +S2
  8. PA artery repair
  9. Right S7-S8
  10. Left S9-10
  11. Left LUL sleeve our LLL
  12. Use of ICG in robotic surgery
  13. Complete thymectomy for myasthenia gravis
  14. Lung resection after immunotherapy
  15. Right Robotic sleeve
  16. Robotic cpx sleeve with PA plasty
The series “Advancement in Robotic Assisted Thoracic Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Visualized Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. Jean-Marc Baste is serving as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.