Management of pulmonary arterial bleeding in the post induction setting

Janet P. Edwards, Stafford S. Balderson, Thomas A. D’Amico


Background: A minimally invasive approach to lung cancer resection offers many benefits over traditional open surgery. Pulmonary arterial injury is a widely cited reason for conversion to open surgery.
Methods: We present a case of pulmonary arterial injury complicating dissection of the pulmonary artery during thoracoscopic left upper lobectomy. Ethical approval was obtained from the institutional ethics board and written consent was obtained from the patient.
Results: Thoracoscopic management of pulmonary arterial bleeding is demonstrated. We show maintenance of a thoracoscopic approach with establishment of proximal pulmonary arterial control, allowing suture repair of an injury to the ongoing pulmonary artery.
Conclusions: While pulmonary arterial injury may be a significant problem during thoracoscopic lobectomy, minimally invasive approaches to repair are safe and effective.