Article Abstract

Why should we prefer the single port access thoracic surgery?

Authors: Luca Bertolaccini, Alberto Terzi, Andrea Viti


One of the greatest advances in Thoracic Surgery in our generation has been the advent of video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). The more recent advance in VATS is the increasing use of Uniportal surgery. The development of single-port VATS has come a long way, from the beginning, when it was employed for performing simple procedures, to the last years with complex major lung resections. Nowadays, Uniportal VATS is not a Manichean law because there are several steps between open thoracotomy and Uniportal VATS. In thoracic surgery, a skilled surgeon alone cannot sustain new approaches or techniques; it is natural that minimally invasive thoracic surgery continues to evolve, since VATS is a never-ending story and Uniportal VATS is not the end of this history.