Article Abstract

Single-incision thoracoscopic right pneumonectomy with primary division of the pulmonary artery

Authors: Gregor J. Kocher, Beatrix Hoksch, Jon Lutz, Ralph A. Schmid


In recent years video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) techniques have gained popularity also for major lung resections. Furthermore, especially in experienced VATS centers, single-incision thoracoscopic surgery is more and more adapted due to its even lesser invasiveness. Most thoracic surgeons still prefer an open approach to perform pneumonectomy, although reports of VATS and even single-incision VATS pneumonectomy are increasing. Unlike other authors we prefer to divide the pulmonary artery (PA) as one of the first steps of the procedure in order to obtain a clear field of vision on one hand and to obtain optimal control of bleeding and total blood loss on the other hand. Herein we describe our technique for single incision thoracoscopic right pneumonectomy and mediastinal lymphadenectomy without rib-spreading and with division of the PA as a first step. Furthermore we prefer to routinely cover the bronchial stump (BS) with an in situ azygos vein (AV) flap during right pneumonectomy.