Nonintubated uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery course—live surgery

Rasa Karalevičiūtė, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas


“Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) course—live surgery” was held on 23rd of November 2015 in Lithuania, The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics. This international event has attracted many thoracic surgeons, doctors anesthesiologists-reanimatologists, operative theatre nurses and other medical specialists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. The special guests of the conference were thoracic surgeon Dr. Diego Gonzalez-Rivas and doctor anesthesiologist Dr. Humberto Aymerich Cano. Since the first uniportal VATS lobectomy was performed on 29th of July, 2010, this innovative minimally invasive surgical technique has been adopted in many countries of the world. The first nonintubated VATS for lobectomy was initially described in 2007, although general anesthesia with intubation and one lung ventilation was traditionally considered to be necessary for major thoracoscopic pulmonary resections. During this course, right upper and left upper uniportal VATS lobectomies were performed for nonintubated patients, diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. These successful examples demonstrate a minimally invasive surgical technique—uniportal VATS lobectomy for a nonintubated patient.