Laparoscopic-assisted radical left hemicolectomy

Yong Li, Jiabin Zheng, Deqing Wu


Background: Laparoscopic-assisted radical left hemicolectomy (LRLH) is much less than other locations for its technical difficulty. There are rare reports about surgical skills of this operation. According to our rich experiences of laparoscopy surgical techniques recent years, we can proficiently master the surgical techniques and difficulties of LRLH base on the anatomy of blood vessels and the interfacial space.
Methods: A 34 years old patient who was diagnosed left colonic cancer, underwent LRLH. Combined with this case, we share the surgical technical of LRLH base on our experience.
Results: The length of operation was 80 min with bleeding of about 30 mL. The patient recovers well postoperation and discharged from hospital on the 5th day.
Conclusions: LRLH is safe and efficient for the tumor locates in the left hemicolon. Whereas, this operation is rarely difficult that should be done in the experienced center.