Preparation and operative setup of penile prosthesis surgery

Daniel Szabo, Lawrence C. Jenkins


Penile prosthesis implantation is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for men with refractory erectile dysfunction (ED) and is being performed by many urologists internationally. As greater numbers of surgeons begin to place penile implants, it remains crucial that a considerable amount of care goes into the operative planning and patient preparation for this procedure in order to limit some of the more harmful complications, such as device infection. In this article, we share our experience and recommendations regarding multiple aspects of the setup for penile prosthesis surgery, which will include patient preparation pre- and intraoperatively, key equipment and supplies used in this surgery, layout of the operating room, and the initial steps taken at the beginning of the surgical case to properly set up the patient and operating field to reduce the risk of infection. Our aim is to help guide those who are interested in beginning to perform this surgery or those intending to make changes in their current practice.