Article Abstract

The role of lymphadenectomy during lung metastasectomy

Authors: Jon Zabaleta, Borja Aguinagalde, Iker López, Arantza Fernandez-Monge, José Miguel Izquierdo


Lymph node involvement implies the presence of two routes of dissemination in patients with lung metastasis. For this reason, we assessed its impact on patients undergoing surgery for lung metastasis. In this review, we have sought to summarise the results of studies analysing the presence of thoracic lymph node involvement in patients who have undergone surgery for lung metastasis from different points of view: its impact on survival, the risk factors for developing lymph node metastasis, the attitude of surgeons towards lymphadenectomy in this population, the safety of systematic lymphadenectomy and the impact of systematic lymphadenectomy on survival.