Article Abstract

Clinical implications of three-dimensional mitral valve modelling, printing and simulation in mitral valve surgery

Authors: Jules R. Olsthoorn, Samuel Heuts, Jean Daemen, Jos Maessen, Peyman Sardari Nia


The continuous trend towards less invasive procedures has increased the complexity of cardiac operations. Routine imaging modalities combined with state-of-the-art reconstruction software can substantially improve preoperative planning and simplify complex procedure by enhancing surgeon’s knowledge on patients’ specific anatomy. Patient-specific simulation, a combination of three-dimensional mitral valve modelling and printing, could serve as the ideal method for planning of complex mitral valve surgery. In our center, a process for modelling and three-dimensional printing of different mitral valve pathologies for procedural planning and simulation, based on 3D transoesophageal echocardiography, has been developed. In the current report, we present the clinical implications of three-dimensional modelling, printing and simulation in mitral valve surgery.