Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery: Pelotas—RS, Brazil, 2018

Otávio Leite Gastal, Ricardo Lanzetta Haack, Diego Gonzales Rivas, Laura Nunes Rotta, Izabel de Oliveira Karam


Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has proved to be the gold-standard for biopsing and treating both benign and malignant diseases, and in the past few years this approach has been improved to a unique incision. On July 2018 Dr. Otávio Leite Gastal attended the “Uniportal VATS Training Program” at Shanghai’s Hospital, China and Dr. Diego Gonzales Rivas, its coordinator, was invited to a master class and live surgery procedures in southern Brazil. The event took place at the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital, Pelotas, RS, Brazil and consisted on case presentations, followed by surgical procedures and concluded with an evening master class. After the event, the uniportal VATS procedures became a first-line technique at our center, reinforcing the importance of Dr. Diego Rivas’ tutoring and effort.