Article Abstract

Simplified laparoscopic wedge resection for gastrointestinal stromal tumors adjacent to the esophagogastric junction or posterior fundus wall

Authors: Francisco Berrospi-Espinoza, Ramiro M. Fernández-Placencia, Eloy Ruiz-Figueroa


Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) are very infrequent neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract, most commonly located in the stomach and small intestine. Due to the rising incidence of these tumors, a wide array of surgical approaches for diverse scenarios of this disease is currently being explored. Small GISTs in unfavorable locations of the stomach like those near the esophagogastric junction (EGJ) have different techniques for local resection such as: intragastric, transgastric, combined endoscopic-laparoscopic in order to preserve function and oncological principles. Many different minimally-invasive techniques have been proposed for these. A simplified laparoscopic approach, especially for those neoplasms located in the posterior wall adjacent to the EGJ is presented.