2nd Barts Aortovascular Symposium
Preface on Cardiac Surgery

2nd Barts Aortovascular Symposium

This issue guest edited by Dr. Mohamad Bashir focuses on occlusive and aneurysm disease across all the aortic stream. The topics selected for this special issue were from the mix of presentations seen at BAVS 2017. This symposium which was founded and led by Dr. Mohamad Bashir in collaboration with colleagues at Barts Health highlighted topics with reference to controversy and uncertainties in aortic surgery over one-day intensive program. The faculty invited from across the globe and from the national mix aimed to emphasize our understanding on all fronts for aortic disease including: imaging of aortic diseases, natural history of aortic diseases, surgical treatment of aortic diseases, surgical products and technologies utilized in the care of aortic patients. We hope you enjoy reading the selected topics from BAVS 2017.



Mohamad Bashir

Mohamad Bashir, MD, PhD, MRCS

Cardiothoracic & Aortovascular Surgery-Manchester Heart Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK.
(Email: drmobashir@outlook.com.)

doi: 10.21037/jovs.2018.09.18

Conflicts of Interest: The author has no conflicts of interest to declare.

doi: 10.21037/jovs.2018.09.18
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