Minor adverse events during thoracoscopic pulmonary lobectomy

Dario Amore, Marcellino Cicalese, Roberto Scaramuzzi, Davide Di Natale, Alessandro Izzo, Pasquale Imitazione, Antonio Molino, Carlo Curcio


Several authors have reported major complications during thoracoscopic pulmonary lobectomy but a few papers have been published concerning minor adverse events. This definition in our report takes into account no life-threatening intraoperative complications managed with minimal invasive approach and with no need for conversion to thoracotomy. We retrospectively reviewed 644 patients who underwent thoracoscopic anatomic pulmonary lobectomy between April 2011 and May 2018: among these, 25 patients suffered minor intraoperative complications such as bronchial injury, stapler failure during parenchymal resection, injury to bronchial artery, oozing from vascular stump, etc. Our findings suggest that these complications don’t adversely affect the early postoperative outcomes but they still need proper management to avoid major intraoperative complications and an eventful postoperative course. The report shows that minor adverse events may occur for device malfunction but, in some instances, human errors or inadequate knowledge of technological instruments may be implicated.