Article Abstract

Technical aspects of laparoscopic non-anatomical left lateral sectionectomy of the liver

Authors: Po-Chih Yang, Cheng-Maw Ho, Rey-Heng Hu


Laparoscopic liver resection has been increasingly gaining popularity worldwide with the advance of laparoscopic instruments and techniques in the last decade. Laparoscopic approach for left side hepatic lesion has become the standard procedure. In this video manuscript, we showed the technique of laparoscopic non-anatomical left lateral sectionectomy for tumor located in segment 3. The first and most important step is to identify hepatic artery to segment 2 and 3 and mark the transection border according to ischemic line. Following that, liver parenchyma transection begins with laparoscopic ultrasonic device and/or other energy devices. Intrahepatic vessels encountered are divided with metallic or Hem-o-lok clips. Finally, left hepatic vein is divided by laparoscopic linear stapler.