Article Abstract

Bronchial carcinoid in anomalous right upper bronchus: a “patient-tailored” bronchoplasty resection technique

Authors: Francesco Petrella, Alessio Vincenzo Mariolo, Juliana Guarize, Stefano Donghi, Lara Girelli, Stefania Rizzo, Lorenzo Spaggiari


Bronchial carcinoids (BC) are indolent neuroendocrine tumors (NET) that are classified as malignant because they can locally infiltrate and metastasize. Resection is the primary treatment for most localized carcinoid tumors, with lung parenchymal-sparing surgery the favoured objective for patients with central airway tumors. Sleeve bronchoplasty techniques are complex surgical procedures defined as parenchyma-saving because they allow a radical resection with tumor-free margins while preserving the maximum amount of parenchyma. They are mainly indicated for tumors arising at the origin of a lobar bronchus, precluding simple lobectomy but not infiltrating so far as to require pneumonectomy. We describe a case of typical bronchial carcinoid of an anomalous right upper bronchus requiring a “patient-tailored” bronchoplasty technique. The surgical aspects and preoperative work-up are discussed.