Article Abstract

Uniportal video-assisted removal of a right paratracheal pericardial cyst: an unusual location

Authors: Andrea Dell’Amore, Alessio Campisi, Domenica Giunta, Stefano Congiu, Giampiero Dolci, Roberto Agosti


Cystic lesions of the pericardium are a rare entity. Generally, they are congenital and located in the cardiophrenic angle. The right paratracheal location is unusual and differential diagnosis in particular with bronchogenic cyst is difficult even when using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The surgical indication exists in case of symptomatic patients or huge mass with compression of nearby structures. Different surgical approaches have been reported in literature to treat mediastinal cysts. We report a case of uniportal thoracoscopic removal of an unusual located right paratracheal pericardial cyst.