Article Abstract

Capsaicin patch for persistent postoperative pain after thoracoscopic surgery, report of two cases

Authors: Nicola Tamburini, Giacomo Bollini, Carlo Alberto Volta, Giorgio Cavallesco, Pio Maniscalco, Savino Spadaro, Francesco Qurantotto, Riccardo Ragazzi


Effective postoperative pain control after thoracic surgery is a significant clinical issue because it reduces pulmonary complications and accelerates the pace of recovery. Persistent postoperative pain syndrome is a recognized and frequent complication after thoracoscopic surgery. The capsaicin 8% patch contains a high concentration of synthetic capsaicin approved for treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain in adults. Little clinical data exist on the use of capsaicin patch in thoracic persistent postoperative pain syndrome. This report included two patients who were evaluated after receiving capsaicin for thoracic surgery. Satisfactory pain relief was achieved in both cases without side effects.