Article Abstract

Micro-incision thoracoscopic treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax: the “loop” technique

Authors: Alessio Campisi, Andrea Dell’Amore, Domenica Giunta, Stefano Congiu, Niccolò Daddi, Giampiero Dolci


Primary spontaneous pneumothorax has been defined as the disease of the ‘young and healthy’. There are multiple possible therapies and in recent years, surgery has evolved towards the use of the uniportal thoracoscopic approach. The objective of our study is to describe and present an innovative approach to access to the thoracic cavity in patients with spontaneous pneumothorax. The surgery was performed using a single access of 20 mm at the level of the 8th intercostal space. For the isolation and suspension of any dystrophic area, we use a ‘loop’ of non-absorbable braided suture inserted through the IV intercostal space and successive wedge resection using an endoscopic 10 mm mechanical stapler. Using this access, we were able to visualize and dissect the pulmonary ligament and perform complete pleural abrasion. We had no complications. The operative time was 60 min, the chest tube was removed the 2th postoperative day and the patient was discharged the day after. The operation we propose permits the reduction of the dimension of the access to the thoracic cavity. We were able to resect blebs without problems, the recovery was excellent and no complications related to the procedure were reported.