Article Abstract

The technique of VATS right pneumonectomy

Authors: Fernando Vannucci, Arthur Vieira, Paula A. Ugalde


Pneumonectomy has higher morbidity and mortality rate than any other anatomic lung resection. It is infrequently performed by VATS and mostly in high volume centers. The handling of central vessels with long instruments across very small incisions instead of palpation is the main cause of surgeon’s discomfort and resistance to perform this radical type of resection. Published data on VATS pneumonectomy is still limited and based on case series. Nevertheless, the available series suggest that VATS pneumonectomy is at least equivalent to open pneumonectomy. Through a case presentation illustrated with surgical videos, we aim to describe the main technical features of a uniportal VATS right pneumonectomy for lung cancer. The clinical indications, contraindications, patient’s preoperative evaluation and postoperative care will also be discussed.