Article Abstract

Physiopathology aspects of anatomical video-assisted thoracic surgery resections: current status and prospects of development

Authors: Majed Refai, Marco Andolfi, Armando Sabbatini


Pulmonary lobectomy remains the gold standard therapy for early-stage lung cancer. With the spread of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), surgeons began using this approach also to perform lobectomies, becoming progressively widespread worldwide. However some early-stage lung cancer patients are of questionable eligibility for open lobectomy being considered at high-risk to develop postoperative complications due to compromised pulmonary function or cardiopulmonary reserve. Herein we evaluate pathophysiology of VATS, focusing on: the correlation between the traditional predictors of outcome and overall complications, the current status of different VATS approaches and the role of VATS segmentectomy in high-risk patients, unable to tolerate lobectomy for their compromised cardiopulmonary reserve.