Single incision extended video assisted transcervical thymectomy

Marcello Migliore, Alessandra Criscione, Marco Nardini, Francesco Patti, Francesco Borrata


In the last 30 years the introduction of VATS in the surgical practice made possible to perform a wide range of thoracic operations including thymectomy. We describe our single incision video-assisted transcervical thymectomy (VATT) for non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis and/or small (<2 cm) intrathymic thymoma in 13 patients. The mean operation time was of 164 minutes (range, 45–275 minutes). The length of hospitalization was 3 days (range, 2–5 days). Decrease of symptoms was obtained in the entire group after a mean follow up of 79 months (range, 8–150 months), and two patients had a complete stable remission. In conclusion, single incision extended transcervical thymectomy (TT) is a safe and successful procedure which allows a complete excision of the anterior mediastinal fat.