Article Abstract

Subxiphoid single incision thoracoscopic surgery approach for thymectomy: a case report

Authors: Jay Karunanantham, Matthew Fok, Jason M. Ali, Adam Peryt, Aman Coonar, Giuseppe Aresu


Thoracic surgery is rapidly evolving with minimally invasive strategies now dominating. Thymectomy has traditionally been performed through a sternotomy, but more recently video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) approaches have become increasingly popular. To further minimise surgical impact, the uniportal subxiphoid VATS technique has recently been described, using a muscle sparing incision that avoids intercostal nerve injury. A potential advantage that makes this approach particularly suited to thymectomy includes the ability to access both sides of the chest with a single incision. There is also the potential for reduced post-operative pain and chronic thoracostomy neuralgia. Here we describe the management of a patient with thymoma, reporting our procedure and technique for performing uniportal subxiphoid VATS thymectomy.