Article Abstract

Robotic lobectomy

Authors: Paul Linsky, Benjamin Wei


Lobectomy is still currently the gold standard for treatment of lung cancer. With the great advancement of robotic surgery, robotic lobectomy has been demonstrated to be an operation that is safe and can be done in a timely manner, similar to video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). Additionally, reports show that long-term oncologic outcomes for robotic lobectomy are consistent with those reported for VATS and open lobectomy. Patients are selected in the same manner as those for VATS. Improved optics, increased dexterity of the instruments, and better ergonomics can yield subjective advantages to the surgeon. The techniques of port placement, mediastinal lymph node dissection and the steps of each of the five lobectomies are important and described in the chapter, for both the da Vinci Si and da Vinci Xi platforms. The subtle differences are highlighted. Additionally, advantages of the platforms are discussed.