Article Abstract

Advantages and disadvantages of single incision VATS in major anatomical resection for lung cancer

Authors: Semih Halezeroğlu


Safety and feasibility of lung resections by single incision thoracoscopy have been confirmed in large number of studies. As proponents claim its lesser invasive nature caused by lacking of additional intercostal port(s), opponents question the outcome measures of the approach especially in oncological manner. Since there is no major discussion regarding the superiority of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) on lung resections over the open technique in the surgical management of lung cancer today, advantage and disadvantage of single incision VATS lung resections was reviewed with the comparison of standard, multi-port VATS approach in this article. Overall, results of comparative studies confirm that single incision and multiportal thoracoscopy are similar, or single incision thoracoscopy has more advantages in the lung resection for lung cancer. Currently, the main disadvantage of single incision approach is the lacking of long-term oncological results.