Article Abstract

Video-assisted thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy for small-sized pulmonary nodules

Authors: Hirohisa Kato, Hiroyuki Oizumi, Jun Suzuki, Akira Hamada, Hikaru Watarai, Kenta Nakahashi, Mitsuaki Sadahiro


Segmentectomy has been widely performed as one of the types of limited resections that are performed for the resection of small-sized lung nodules. Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery has also been in demand as a minimally invasive surgery. Subsegmentectomy is a much more limited resection than segmentectomy, but the technique is complex because it requires keen anatomical identification of small pulmonary structures. Therefore, there has been little reported about subsegmentectomy in medical literature. The recent development of computed tomography is remarkable, and some reports describe three-dimensional computed tomography as providing useful information because it assists surgeons in the performance of thoracoscopic anatomical subsegmentectomy. The creation of an intersubsegmental line is a key process in subsegmentectomy, therefore, some methods have been reported. We have safely and accurately performed some video-assisted thoracoscopic subsegmentectomies for small-sized lung tumors, using the three-dimensional computed tomography simulation and creating the intersubsegmental line with the inflation-deflation technique. In this article, we describe the recent techniques and roles of video-assisted thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy, and offer prospects for this procedure with our clinical data.