Article Abstract

Surgical robot simulation with BBZ console

Authors: Francesco Bovo, Giacomo De Rossi, Francesco Visentin


This paper presents a lean approach to training in robot assisted surgery. Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures can be decomposed in a sequence of tasks, each surgical task can be further decomposed in basic gestures. Each surgical gesture seems similar to perform rather in laparoscopic than in robot assisted technique, but surgeon posture, tools dexterity, force and vision feedback are different. As a consequence, performing a robot-assisted procedure needs specific training. Currently, the most used robot in in abdominal and pelvic surgery is the da Vinci Surgical System and a different set of skills is needed to master the human-machine interface of this device. The training with the real robot is very expensive due to the high initial cost of purchasing and maintaining the robotic surgical system, and the ethic involved in vivo practice. For these reasons, different training systems based on virtual reality were developed. The simulation physics realism and the objective metrics collected during the task execution are the main features for the effectiveness of a virtual reality based training device. Availability of training systems is another issue. To help surgeons to train in virtual reality, BBZ presents a compact, lightweight and portable console, suitable also for “home” training.