Article Abstract

Challenges in complex video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and spontaneous respiration video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery procedures

Authors: Jingpei Li, Hui Liu, Jun Liu, Xusen Zou, Lili Mo, Hui Pan, Guilin Peng, Wenlong Shao, Lindsey Hamblin, Lixia Liang, Qinglong Dong, Jianxing He


The push for minimally invasive techniques had led to the development of many surgical tools and the innovation and completion of ever more complex operations. To achieve faster postoperative recovery of patients, we have been dedicated to the development of surgical skills that have allowed us to successfully complete many procedures under video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) that are complex even with open approach. Specifically, sleeve, trachea, and carina resections and reconstructions using either general or spontaneous respiration anesthesia (SRA) techniques. Our long term high volume thoracic experience has equipped us with a talented multidisciplinary team with the ability to confidently and safely perform many types of complicated VATS procedures.