Article Abstract

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and open chest surgery in esophageal cancer treatment: present and future

Authors: Lieven Depypere, Willy Coosemans, Philippe Nafteux, Hans Van Veer, Arne Neyrinck, Steve Coppens, Chantal Boelens, Kristel Laes, Toni Lerut


Surgical esophageal cancer treatment has, like other solid organ cancer treatments, evolved from a monospeciality treatment towards a multidisciplinary treatment. In an increasing number of centers around the world minimally invasive esophagectomy (MIE) is now proposed as the preferred surgical approach although there is still a place for open surgery in selected cases. Careful assessment of oncologic and medical operability and adequate pre-operative preparation are the first and foremost important steps to guarantee optimal oncological and functional results. This article serves as a practical guide to MIE for esophageal cancer with figures, equipment preference cards and videos explaining and illustrating a MIE procedure in prone position as one example of the present state of the art. Some future perspectives will also be discussed.