Article Abstract

Laparoscopy-assisted complete mesocolic excision for right-hemi colon cancer

Authors: Chen Su, Xuehui Hong, Xingfeng Qiu


There aren’t any standardized ways of controlling operating, although laparoscopic-assisted right-hemi colon cancer complete mesocolic excision (LR-CME), has been widely applied used in China and abroad. Hohenberger gave a new concept that treating complete mesocolic excision (CME) as a colon cancer standard operation for the first time in 2009. And the LR-CME that based on the anatomy of the vascular and level coincide with the concept. One case, male, 69 years old. LR-CME was performed in our department. Following we will introduce correlation experiences and skills of LR-CME. It took about 110 minutes to finish the whole operation with bleeding of about 20 mL. This case recovers well postoperation without any significant complication and discharged from hospital on the 10th day.