The adoption of uniportal approach in Chile: the experience of a single surgical team from Valparaíso, Chile

Cristian González Collao


Uniportal VATS lobectomy in Chile began in 2013, in an old and small provincial hospital in Valparaíso, the main port of Chile, a few months after two thoracic surgeons had a short stay in Hospital La Coruña with the inventor of the most revolutionary technique in thoracic surgery of the last time. Four years after the first visit of Dr. González Rivas to Chile to sharing his initial experience, and after the explosive development of this technique especially in Asia, ALAT organization invited him again to our country as a main speaker in its International Congress, focused largely in uniportal lobectomy. As expected, these thoracic surgeons could operate with their teacher, and make true the dream of any thoracic surgeon who began with a new kind of surgery: perform it in their hospital with its inventor and also their friend.