Endoscopic ultrasound of pancreatic lesions

Charing C. N. Chong, Raymond S. Y. Tang, John C. T. Wong, Anthony W. H. Chan, Anthony Y. B. Teoh


Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a well-established tool for the evaluation of pancreatic lesions. Due to the closer proximity of EUS to the pancreas, EUS offers a high sensitivity for detection of small pancreatic mass and is the preferred modality for obtaining tissue for diagnosis of pancreatic mass. Contrast-enhanced EUS and/or elastography provide additional information to the fundamental B—mode ultrasound images, leading to more accurate diagnosis. The aim of this video-article is to show the different steps in performing EUS on pancreatic lesions and to provide some tips and tricks to improve and facilitate the execution of EUS on pancreatic lesions.