Update on PubMed inclusion of JOVS articles

Published: 2018-11-01

On September 25, 2017, the Editorial Office received an exciting news from the PubMed Central (PMC) that the Journal of Visualized Surgery (JOVS) has passed all the evaluation required by PMC. By far, articles published from Jan. 1st, 2015 to May 31st, 2018 are now searchable in the PubMed.

Recently, JOVS has underwent a second evaluation by PMC and is suggested that improvement in the scientific and editorial quality of articles is needed for future continuing inclusion. In accord with the terms of the PMC agreement, all articles that has previously been included in PMC will be retained permanently, but the articles published after May 31st, 2018 will not be indexed until the journal is re-indexed by PMC.

Though disappointed with the result, the Editorial Office would like to thank PMC for their valuable suggestions and will work with our editors, board remembers, reviewers and authors in efforts to reapply for inclusion in PMC in 2020. Once the reapplication is accepted, all articles published on JOVS after May 31st, 2018 will be indexed in PMC retrospectively.