Welcome to the 3rd Asian Thoracoscopic Education Program (ATEP) Annual Conference!

Published: 2016-08-29

Hosted by ATEP, jointly organized by the Shanghai Chest Hospital, China and University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital, China, the 3rd Asian Thoracoscopic Education Program (ATEP) Annual Conference will take place in Shanghai, China from November 11th to 13th, 2016, with Prof. Alan Sihoe, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Visualized Surgery, from the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital, and Prof. Wentao Fang, Editorial Board member of Journal of Thoracic Disease, from Shanghai Chest Hospital, being Chairs of the conference. 

Established in 2011, ATEP is recognized as the premier body of Thoracic Surgeons in Asia, with a defined focus on minimally invasive surgical approaches—an area in which Asia has led the world. Its members are a Who’s Who of the leading thoracoscopic surgeons in Asia. ATEP aims to promote the highest standards of thoracoscopic surgery across Asia through its well-known training workshops, varied educational activities and official publication (Journal of Visualized Surgery). ATEP’s annual International Conference has grown to become the largest International General Thoracic Surgery meeting in Asia.

With the great success in the last two years’ annual meeting in Beijing and Seoul, the 3rd International Conference, under the theme of Better Surgery Through Better Education, looks to highlight ATEP’s unique mission in the Education of surgeons and nurses. Correspondently, unique sessions on the advancement of Thoracic Surgery Training in Asia and on how basic scientific research will shape the direction of this specialty in the coming years will be presented. Among these attractive sections is the Science & Surgery: a Synchrony, during which hot topics in medical research field, like Precision Medicine, Genetic Sequencing, Circulating Tumor Cell Research, Inflammatory and Immunological Markers in VATS and so on will be discussed. Asian and Chinese experts will also explore pressing issues in Thoracic Surgery in open panel discussions, encouraging greater interaction with the audience.

Another highlights lie on the Medical Writing Workshop for younger surgeons and a special Forum for Nurses in Thoracic Surgery. In the Medical Writing Workshop, many interesting topics, for example what makes a good study, How to write an abstract/a paper, how to produce a surgical video and so on, will be discussed and shared, which we believe will bring young surgeons surprise and inspiration. 

Apart from all these exciting sections, submission of videos and abstracts will also be welcome for presentation, with the best ones receiving ATEP awards.

As the Official Journal of the Asia Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Program (ATEP) since 2015 (More details in: The Journal of Visualized Surgery has been established as the Official Journal of The Asia Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Program (ATEP)), JOVS this time will also attend the conference to provide conference news and meet our distinguished Editorial Board members, authors and readers. Moreover, a conference special issue is also expected to be published in JOVS soon.

We look forward to your participation and meeting you onsite!

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